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MİHRİ Daily Care Shampoo

Porphyra umbilicalis: The active ingredient obtained from a red seaweed Porphyra umbilicalis, protects the hair
against the harmful effects of the UVA. With the herbal essences, helps for the formation of new hair by protecting the
DNA of the hair cells against ageing, nourishing the hair follicles and oxygenating.
D-panthenol: Helps to moisturize the scalp, strenghtens the hair follicles, helps for the hair to be easily combed and
gives a shiny look.
Daily Care Shampoo
Hair and scalp gets weakend, looses its shiny and voluminous look by weather changes during the day, seasonal
changes, hair styling products, becomes unable to obtain oxygen for hair follicules. For the formation of the healthy
hair and scalp, it’s recommended to use products which support hair structure, clean scalp from oil and enviromental
factors in-depth, rebalance scalp pH and moisture.
Each MIHRI product, produced by a Muslim, expert team, without using materials prohibited by Islam, free from any
objectionable material and additive. There is certainly no use of animal, ingredients derived from animals or alcohol.
MIHRI products are produced by using herbal organic ingredients, without harming the environment and testing on
animals. With the HPP* technology used in the production stage of MIHRI Daily Care Shampoo, active ingredients
effects rapidly to hair follicles and hair, show their effects in short time. Thus, hair follicles and hair get stronger,
nourished and gain its old brightness and volume back.
Active ingredients of Mihri Daily Care Shampoo:
MİHRİ Daily Care Shampoo is specially developed for daily use. Hair follicles and scalp get completely purified,
strengthen and protected in regular use of Mihri Daily Care Shampoo. Apply Mihri Daily Treatment Shampoo to wet
hair and scalp by foaming and light massage, rinse with plenty of water.
Paraben free.
Dermatologically tested.
Gluten free.
Not tested on animals.