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Skin gets older from 20’s with the effect of genetic and environmental factors. The synthesis of collagen and elastin
which gives a supple and young appearance to skin, decreases with time. With the effect of exposure to harmful
ultraviolet rays of the sun, poor nutrition, located mimic lines, gravity, the position of the body at night while sleeping,
enviromental factors such as cigaratte consumption, lines and wrinkles occurs on the skin permanently.
Mihri Youth Source Anti Aging Cream, increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin, represses the mediators which
causes premature skin aging, decreases skin wrinkles and lines, restores skin elasticity and helps for the formation of
young and healthy skin.
Each Mihri product, produced by a Muslim, expert team, without using materials prohibited by Islam, free from any
objectionable material and additive. There is certainly no use of animal, ingredients derived from animals or alcohol.
Mihri products are produced by using herbal organic ingredients, without harming the environment and testing on
With HPP* technology used in the production stage, active ingredients penetrates into the deep skin tissue, and this
technology helps to shorten the wrinkle and line reducing period.
Active ingredients of Mihri Youth Source Anti Aging Cream:
HomeostatineTM : The active ingredient is obtained a galactomannan carrier matrix structure which is derived from
Casealpinia spinosa(Tara tree) is placed in a special way to marine pentasaccharides which is derived from
Enteromorpha compressa (a sea plant), increases the synthesis of collagen I and collagen III, helps to elimination of
wrinkles and lines. Active strengthens the dermal-epidermal connections which synthesis of new cells occurs in the
skin, supports the structure of elastin fibers, increases the quantity, thereby gives elasticity to the skin and tightens the
skin tissue.
D-panthenol: D-panthenol moisturizes the skin deeply, prevents skin irritation and inflammation and soothes the skin.
Calendula oil: The oil which is obtained from calendula flower, soothes skin, renews skin cells and has healing effect.
With these features, it heals even most dry and sensitive skin types without any allergic reactions.
Pomegranate seed oil: The oil which is obtained from seed of pomegranate, protects skin from harmful effects of free
radicals with antioxidant effect, calms very sensitive and dry skin types, moisturizes skin tissue deeply and provides
anti-wrinkle effect.
Grape seed oil: Grape seed oil contains vitamin E which protects skin from the damaging effect of sun, linoleic acid
which is very important for skin renewal, resveratrol which protects skin from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and
has anti-microbial properties. Also with its powerful antioxidant effect, protects the skin from damage caused by
cigaratte, enviromental pollution and ultraviolet rays.
Tocopherol: Tocopherol is the water-soluble form of vitamin E which stored in epidermis and moisturizes the skin.
Tocopherol which softens, nourishes and soothes skin is appropriate for use on the most dry and sensitive skin types,
because it respects the pH balance of skin.
Hydrolyzed Soy Protein: Soy protein is isolated from Soy bean. Soy protein moisturizes skin tissue deeply, nourishes
the skin with the content which is rich from Vitamin A, E and C, repair the skin texture which is damaged by the effect
of sun, helps to restore elasticity and reduces wrinkles and sagging skin structure. Soy protein is a “smart” moisturizer,
while it balances oil of oily skin areas, it hydrates dry skin areas. It prevents premature aging of the skin with an antioxidant
Mihri Youth Source Anti Aging Cream is specially developed for the elimination of skin wrinkles and lines, providing the
skin elasticity and obtaining a healthy, youthful skin. Cream should be applied to cleaned skin and neck area twice a
day by a gentle massage in morning and evening.
• Paraben free.
• Dermatologically tested.
• Gluten free.