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It is important to maintain skin moisture for the new cell synthesis, resistance against external influences and aging
process of the skin. Providing oil balance and hydrating the skin tissue in oily, mixed, acne skin types is important; for
this purpose, products should be used with skin renewal and sebum balancer properties at the same time.
Mihri ABSOLUTE REMEDY Rebalancing Cream is specially formulated for the oily, mixed skin types and who is suffering
from acne, deeply hydrates, nourishes the skin and helps to prevent excessive sebum production.
Each Mihri product, produced by a Muslim, expert team, without using materials prohibited by Islam, free from any
objectionable material and additive. There is certainly no use of animal, ingredients derived from animals or alcohol.
Mihriproducts are produced by using herbal organic ingredients, without harming the environment and testing on
With the HPP* technology used in the production stage, Mihri ABSOLUTE REMEDY Rebalancing Cream, active
ingredients effects rapidly, skin renews itself in short time by the effect of active ingredients, skin gets moisturized and
balance of sebum production is provided.
Active ingredients of Mihri ABSOLUTE REMEDY Rebalancing Cream:
Salicylic acid: It is a beta hydroxy acid, used in cell renewal process of skin and exfoliant treatments, as well as
inflammation relieving and anti-bacterial properties, removes dead skin cells from skin tissue by exfolianting property
and prevents formation of acne. Protects skin tissue and supports collagen production.
Shea butter: Obtained from crushed nuts of shea tree, used in Africa for thousands of years for health and beauty. It
contains fatty acids with this properties moisturizes skin deeply and gives elasticity to the skin textures, with the cell
regeneration effect helps restoring damaged skin as a result of acne - quickly and forms healthy, smooth skin
appearance. Shea butter protects the skin from the harmless UV rays of the sun by cinnamic acid which contains and
protects skin from damaging effects of free radicals and environmental changes by vitamins A and E and antioxidants.
Grape seed oil: Contains vitamin E that protects skin from the damaging effect of sun, linoleic acid which is very
important for skin renewal, resveratrol which protects skin from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and has antimicrobial
properties. With its powerful antioxidant effect, protects the skin from damage caused by cigaratte smoking,
enviromental pollution and ultraviolet rays.
Lavender oil: Balances sebum production and helps regeneration of damaged skin tissue by skin cell renewal property
to people who suffer pimples, acne and have mixed skin types.
Calendula oil: The oil which is obtained from calendula flower, soothes chapped, cracked, damaged skin texture and
helps formation of healthy skin tissue with anti-inflammation and skin renewal properties.
D-panthenol: Heals chapped skin tissue and has skin renewal property, prevents skin irritation and mousturizes the
skin deeply.
Tocopherol: It is the water-soluble form of vitamin E which stored in epidermis and moisturizes the skin. Tocopherol
which softens, nourishes and soothes skin is appropriate for use on the most dry and sensitive skin types, because it
respects the pH balance of skin.
After cleaning the skin with the appropriate products, Mihri ABSOLUTE REMEDY Rebalancing Cream is applied to skin
by a light massage. The product which is produced by HPP* technology, penetrates skin rapidly and gives a healthy,
mat appearance to skin.
(*) High Performance Penetration
• Paraben free.
• Dermatologically tested.
• Gluten free.
• Petrochemical-free.
• Not tested on animals.